Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer in Burlington, NJ

What is Chapter 13?

Most Chapter 13 cases are filed by people who need time to catch up on delinquent payments on their mortgages, taxes, rent, and car payments. Chapter 13 discharges other unsecured debt, allowing you to focus your income on household expenses.

How I can help

Chapter 13 helps people reorganize their finances and put their debt in perspective. Together we will find ways to lower payments or eliminate extra mortgages.

Filing for Chapter 13

• Offers debt repayment plans that work for your budget
• Eliminates second and third mortgages
• Lowers your car payments
• Stops vehicle and property repossession
• Consolidates tax obligations
• Enables you to catch up on delinquent mortgage payments
• Allows participation in the Bankruptcy Court Mortgage Modification Program

Filing for Chapter 13 will put a stop to:

• Creditor harassment
• Home foreclosure
• Threat of repossession
• Judgments
• Wage garnishment
• Sheriff’s sales
• Lawsuits
• High interest rates
• IRS demands
• Motor vehicle surcharges

Is Chapter 13 right for you?

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