Burlington County, NJ Bankruptcy Services

There are several steps to filing for bankruptcy. I can guide you through the entire process, from counseling to filing to releasing or reorganizing your debt. I will take care of every detail and deadline.

Bankruptcy Counseling

Every bankruptcy case is different which is why I carefully evaluate all of your debt and consider every possible solution. Whatever steps we take, I always offer my clients access to reputable, professional credit counseling services. These services help rebuild your confidence and give you the skills needed to move beyond bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Engagement

Once we determine that bankruptcy is the appropriate course of action, I will create a bankruptcy engagement letter. This document will outline exactly what you can expect throughout the entire process. This letter ensures that there are no surprises and no hidden fees along the way. You will know exactly what to expect and when.

After we both sign this letter, your case will begin. Once we have completed a thorough assessment of your debt both past and present, as well as any assets or liabilities, we will file for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Filing

In order to file for bankruptcy, we will need to submit a petition with the Bankruptcy Court for the district of New Jersey. During this process you will be asked to describe your current financial status and list your financial transactions within the last two years. Filing for bankruptcy is very detail-oriented and time consuming. Any errors will cause significant delays, which is why hiring an attorney for this process is a must.

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There is life after bankruptcy and it starts here.