New Jersey Bankruptcy and Debt Services FAQS

Commonly Asked Questions

Who can file for bankruptcy?

Generally, any one person, a couple or business can file bankruptcy. An attorney can help you with your first steps, and provide representation in court during the bankruptcy process.

Will bankruptcy affect my financial record? If so, how?

Bankruptcies remain on credit reports for 10 years. An attorney can discuss circumstances that might be affected by your bankruptcy. For the most part, people who file bankruptcy are back on their feet and in better financial standing than without it.

Does bankruptcy filing affect my ability to apply for credit later?

Bankruptcy will never prohibit you from filing for future credit. Typically, our clients can expect to obtain credit 1-2 years after discharge.

What do I need to file for bankruptcy? Where do I start?

Individuals who want to file for bankruptcy should gather a list of past and present debts, as well as any assets or liabilities they currently have. Taxes, debts, fines or penalties, loans, etc. should also be included in this list.

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