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Free Financial Apps Perfect for Improving Your Money Management

Free Financial Apps Perfect for Improving Your Money Management

Ever heard of the saying “there’s an app for that?” Well, there really is.  If you are having trouble managing your finances on your own, then there are plenty of apps that offer assistance.  What is beneficial about these apps is that they are at your disposal and can be used at any time. Essentially, you have a financial advisor at your fingertips!  There are endless options when it comes to apps but here are my favorites.

Mint Personal Finance: This is a free app that allows you track your bills, limit your budget, organize all of your transactions, and track your investments. Mint even gives your a free credit report summary with no credit card required and tips on how to improve it. You are able to link all of your accounts and cards, and Mint will tell you where you should limit yourself, how much you currently have, and how much you owe. Is there anything this app can’t do?  This application is definitely worth a try if you are looking to stay on top your finances without having to spend money.  

GasBuddy: An expense most of us cannot avoid is vehicle fuel.  This valuable app gives users gas insights, gas-station user reviews, tips on how to save money, and more!  GasBuddy has “the most accurate and real-time fuel prices at over 140,000 stations in the U.S., Canada and Australia.”  If you are looking to save money on an unavoidable expense this is definitely the app for you.  This app also allows you to save your time because you won’t find yourself searching around for the best gas prices when you can just check the app.  One of the nicest features this app offers is that you can even earn points towards discounted or free gas.  My favorite feature is that you can map a trip and GasBuddy will give you the total fuel cost and the most price friendly gas stations along the route.  

BillGuard: This app allows you to track your credit card charges and notifies users of any mysterious or questionable charges.  BillGuard also sends alerts if there have been card breaches at specific companies aligning safety with credit card use.  It is an easy way to track your payments and draw attention to aspects of credit card payments that users often overlook.  BillGuard will flag retailers that tend to overcharge their customers giving you the option to be more cautious and save your money!

LearnVest: This app offers everything one may need to have a successful financial plan all in one free app.  LearnVest gives you a dedicated financial planner, a customized financial plan, online tools, classes, and useful articles.  Finances can become complicated, but with the help of certified financial planners you will likely find ease in tackling your most difficult financial obstacles.  This app offers ongoing support where you can track your financial progress and be given small reminders of what you should do next.  

Level Money: Level Money helps you plan for essential payments, set saving goals, and how much money should be spent on nonessentials.  This app makes it easy to save and make payments on time without overspending.  It includes features where you can connect your bank and credit card accounts, and view balance and bill predictions.  You can also create trackers where you are able to see how much you are spending at any particular place monthly or yearly.

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