What to Look for in a Bankruptcy Lawyer

What to Look for in a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Finding the right lawyer can be tricky. Before you choose a lawyer to represent you in bankruptcy proceedings, it is important to do some homework. Browsing the internet, calling lawyers referred to you by friends and family, or getting recommendations from a local bar association are typical methods of finding the best bankruptcy lawyer.

Filing for bankruptcy is an important decision so it is important to find the best lawyer possible. Here are some things to look for when you are searching for a NJ bankruptcy lawyer:


Just because a lawyer has been in practice for a number of years doesn’t mean they are the most experienced bankruptcy lawyer. Find out how many bankruptcy cases the attorney has handled and what types. The goal is to find a lawyer that has experience handling both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies.


The lawyer should be familiar with the local rules and practices of the court, judges and trustees. They should be willing to discuss all options, including alternatives to bankruptcy.


Do some research to find out what most bankruptcy lawyers charge in your area. Once you have found a lawyer you are are interested in meeting with, find out what they charge for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.


Schedule an appointment with the lawyer for a free consultation. They should be willing to listen, answer all of your questions and provide options. Ask if the lawyer will handle your case and all of your hearings personally. Does the lawyer promptly respond to your calls? You should be confident that the lawyer will be a good advocate for you.

Now that you have found a lawyer whom you feel is experienced, competent and charges reasonable fees it is time to schedule an appointment. There is life after bankruptcy and it starts here. We are confident that our experience will qualify us to represent you in your NJ bankruptcy. Contact Tom Orr at 609-386-8700 today.